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     Alcoy, Spain, the 2nd january 1950.

     At the age of 14, he felt the necesity to expres himself and choose painting. He started to painting ,with his friend and teacher Gaspar Frances Rico. He exposed his first painting in1965 in the Salon de Otoño in his hometown.The following year he travelled to Madrid where,without realising it,was inmersed for sometime in the cultural and political movement of the 1960.
      During those years ROMAN FRANCES walked confused and full of energy,among the artistic exaltation of the new and the old, the known and the unknown ; the ephemeral and perencial, the ambiguos and the definite. In those years  he found out that the artistic revolucion, he wanted to belong to did not come from the wisdom or technique, or the clear reflection. It comes from the heart and he became convinced that all form is illusory as it represents two different facts: the objetive fact and the assimilated truth.

    With this intuition in his heart, he comes back to Alcoy in 1971,where he investigates the splendid "ALCOYANA" painting from the xix century. Painters like Emilio Sala, Lorenzo Casanova, Placido Frances, Fernando Cabrera and some others. All these painters together with the "VALENCIANS" Sorolla, Pinazo and Navarro exerted a great influence on Roman Frances,and it is then on that he search for his expresive strength in his renovated desire to communicate his intimate truth, without coacions or excuses.

      Nowadays he's living and working in two diferent places full of inspiration; very close to Alcoy, in the  mountain, and Denia, in front of the Mediterranean sea. In both places, it's very easy to see how the sky changes every morning, with the comprehensive tints of violet,or blue or purple. With esplendid grades of fuchsia and garmet till it reaches the colour of a fire. Always accesible to his brush of impressionist character. Convinced that the truth he looks for in his work cannot be found inside the books or the drawers, but outside far from the idea of aggressiveness, competence and rivalty. Convinced as he is that the man was not created for the society but rather the other way round.

     He defines himself as an indomitable  ¨acrata¨. However it is something different, what his reflexion and even more his work suggest. It is very visible for everyone who knows Roman Frances how he refuses all autority -that is -being ¨ acrata¨. it is also clear that everyone who knows the painter also knows about his abstraction towards the academy. He has stuck himself to severe discipline from whom, as himself has been self-taught to the self-discipline in his work and every day strenght.


In 1975, he presented his first exhibition in Mataro (Barcelona); some years later he exhibited his work in Madrid  Galeria el Greco, Sala Gaudi and Galeria Castello 120.

He exhibited his work also in Valencia and Castellon. In1997 he exhibited his work in United States, Art Miamy and Art Expo, in Barcelona and his Antological  at PALACIO GRAVINA, in ALICANTE. In 1998 he  exhibited in Los Angeles (Art Expo) and  in Palma de Mallorca.

In 1999 in New York, Art Expo, and in Barcelona, Galeria Mar.

In 2000 in Madrid, Castello 120, and the Art Exhibition in New York.

In 2001 he also took part in Art Expo New York, and he exhibited in the Art Gallery, in Chicago.

From 2002 to 2004 he exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Malaga.

During the last five years his work has also been exhibited in Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Sweden and Japan.


FRANCES GALI:  "...his work shows a subjetive realism with some impresionist touch."

G. GAYON:   "... His painting  are rich in stuff, they are also kind, full of light, this (Levantina). Light so characteristic among the painters  born in this land."

ADRIAN ESPI:  "...The painter....has been able to come inside green kenmes the yellow terraces as Van Gogh!s in the endless blue sky...He has turned scenery into life."

RAFAEL MOYA:    "...his paintings, his works are chinese porcelane, without cracks, the gardens where one  can rest quietly of  the breathless life... whom simply looks at his paintings, our painter's works reveals the fertile sensibility of a man to whom neither himself taughtness nor the fight during his long years of struggle or the search for perfection have been able to change his wiew of life, as something nice, showing a really beautiful world. This is what, his work masterly reflects..."

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